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Employment Policy

Personnel Policy Manual


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This manual contains statements of personnel policies and procedures. It is designed to inform everyone of the working guidelines for supervisory and staff personnel in the day-to-day administration of the District, to provide employees an understanding of what is expected of them, and to ensure consistent, fair and uniform treatment of District employees.

​The District reserves the right to change or modify existing policies and procedures within this manual and by accepting the offer of employment, the employee agrees to abide by any changes or modifications. These policies and procedures do not and are not intended to confer any property right in continued employment, to constitute an express or implied contract, or to give rise to a binding past practice.

The State of Oregon and The District are “At Will” compliant. Employees and the District reserve the right to end the employment relationship, with or without cause, at any time. Further, except as might be approved in writing by the District Board of Directors, no employee or representative of the District, except for the District Manager which is a contracted position, has the authority to enter into an agreement for employment for any specified period of time, or to make any agreement contrary to District Board of Directors approved policies.

Each employee can assist in keeping the District personnel program up to date by notifying the Director of Administrative Services whenever problems are encountered or improvements can be made. When the need for a new or revised policy presents itself, a recommendation should be submitted to the District Manager for consideration.

The District Manager may vary or modify any District personnel policy, on a case-by-case basis, if it is found that strict application of the policy is impractical or if it would result in hardship. Exceptions granted in any instance will not be binding in the future.

Table of Contents1 Overview & General Policies2 Appointments, Qualifications & Separation3 Payroll, Scheduling, and Overtime Practices4 Employee Education, Travel, and Expense Reimbursement5 Time Off6 Safety and Accident / Inicident Reporting7 Drugs and Alcohol8 Non-Discrimination and Harassment9 HIV Discrimination10 Bloodborne Pathogens11 District Safety Committee12 Problem Solving Process13 Discipline14 Performance Evaluation15 Email and Internet Policy16 Confidentiality17 Vehicle Use Policy