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Board Members

The District Board of Directors are elected by the constituency of the District and shall consist of three (3) members serving a four (4) year, staggered term ending on June 30th. No person shall be eligible to be a Board Member who is not, at the time of election or appointment, a resident of the District and a registered voter.  The Board meets on a regular basis, at least once a month, and is presided over by the President of the Board, who leads the meetings and ensures that proper rules of order are followed.  In the President’s absence, the Vice President takes over his or her duties.  The District complies with Oregon’s Public Meeting and Records Law set out in Oregon Revised Statues 192.  All Board meetings are required by law to be open to the public and written minutes are kept by the secretary of the Board, which is later approved by the Board. 

The board’s basic function is policy making and not administrative.  Duties of the Board of Directors are to make decisions based on the wishes and needs of the public it serves, keep the public informed on all district matters, spend the district’s money with prudence and trust and place the needs of the public above the ambition of the board or the district.  The Board does this by adopting ordinances and passing resolutions, adopting a balanced budget annually, approve policies of the district.  Develop and approve a long-range plan of growth and development for the district.