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Sewer Disconnection

May contain: sink faucet, indoors, and sink

The District offers two options to customers who wish to disconnect their sewer service in order to stop receiving sewer bills.

Option 1: Temporary Disconnection Program.

This option is ideal for those who want to stop service for a short period of time.

Option 2: Permanent Disconnection Program.

This option is ideal for customers who want to stop sewer service on a property for an extended period of time (or forever).

Attached below are documents with more information on the disconnection process:

Ordinance 47. Disconnection & Reconnection Temporary Disconnection Diagram 1.pdfTemporary Disconnection Diagram 2.pdfSteps to take for disconnection.pdf


Please contact our office at 541-882-5744 with questions, or to get started with your disconnection.