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SSSD Role & Services

SSSD complies with policies and ordinances to provide a necessary service to the public at a reasonable cost. We want people's needs to be met with satisfaction and timeliness. Elected board members work on passing regulations that will best meet the needs of the public. Our staff then work hard to carry out these guidelines for our services to be optimal. We are committed to serving and helping when needs arise. 


Existing Customers:


The District is responsible for maintaining sewer lines from the boundary of the utility right of way to the sewer main. The Customer is responsible for the sewer line from the boundary of the utility right of way to the building. Typically there is a service clean out located at the boundary: link to that image showing the boundary of service including the house and the main.



Sewer Fees: 

  • How sewer services are assessed and billed:            Click here to view 

  • District rates are very competitive:                          Click here to view

  • Why did my sewer rate increase:                              Click here to view 

Senior Discount Form


If you are 65 years or older and live in the home being billed you could qualify for 15% senior discount.

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Sewer Disconnection


Customers that plan on not utilizing sewer services on their property can reduce or eliminate their sewer charges by either temporarily or permanently disconnect their sewer service.

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Third Party Payment


If you prefer to transfer the ability of payment to a third party, fill out and send in this form:

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District Newsletter

January 2020

Connecting to the South Suburban Sanitary District

Design standards for new connections: Click here to view

District Connection Ordinance

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District Fee Ordinances

System Development Charge Calculation: Click here to view PDF

Find the nearest sewer line

District Sewer Mapping Geographical information System: Click here to view