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District Policy Design Standards

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Design Standards



pdfManhole Frame and Cover


pdfManhole & Junction

pdfManhole Adjustment

pdfEnd of Line Clean Out

pdfStandard Cleanout

pdfCleanout & Service Connection New Main

pdfCleanout and Service Connection Existing Main

pdfTrench Detail




  1. It is the Developer’s responsibility to ensure they have the latest version of SSSD Design
  1. The District may vary or modify any SSSD Design Standard, on a case-by-case basis, if it is found that the strict application of the SSSD Design Standard is impractical or if it would result inExceptions granted in any instance will not be binding in the future.  The District is charged with responsibility for the interpretation and application of the Design Standards.
  1. Minimum Design Criteria:  South Suburban Sanitary District, (SSSD), developed the SSSD Design Standards to provide minimum design criteria to Developers for the design of wastewater facilities or conveyance systems that are owned by and/or will be dedicated to SSSD.  These SSSD Design Standards include SSSD Standard Drawings.  Any design and/or construction changes that deviate from these SSSD Design Standards must first be approved by SSSD before work may commence.  Be aware that upon plan review, SSSD may require changes in the design depending upon the nature of the work performed or the presence of unusual field conditions.  Furthermore, compliance to SSSD Design Standards does not exempt the Developers from meeting further requirements of any other governmental or regulatory agency.  All sanitary sewer design or improvements to be owned by SSSD shall be approved by DEQ prior to SSSD approval.
  1. Applicability: These SSSD Design Standards shall apply to the design and construction of facilities that are owned by and/or will be dedicated to SSSD, and whenever any public or private work is performed within an easement owned or maintained by SSSD.  SSSD shall determine if the Design Standards apply.
  1. Correspondence:  SSSD must be notified at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to commencement of construction.  All correspondence and submittals associated with, or related to, any SSSD sanitary system shall be addressed to:


            South Suburban Sanitary District       Phone:   (541) 882-5744

2201 Laverne Ave.                             FAX:     (541) 882-5013

Klamath Falls,OR 97603

  1. Updates:  This document will be periodically updated as new technology, policy changes, procedure changes, or updated methods of design and construction are implemented.  It is the responsibility of the Developer to contact SSSD to ensure that the latest SSSD Design Standards are being utilized.
  2. Deviation From Standards:  At anytime, if the Engineer feels that a portion of the SSSD Design Standards is not an adequate design, or if the Engineer can show that a particular design is equal to or exceeds the specific SSSD Design Standard requirements, or if field conditions restrict the ability of the Engineer to comply to SSSD Design Standards, they may request, verbally and in writing, that their design be implemented in its place.  Any deviations from the SSSD Design Standards shall be brought to the attention of SSSD verbally and in writing.  Upon review of the requested deviation, SSSD will determine if it equals or exceeds SSSD Design Standards and will notify the Engineer and/or Contractor of its decision.
  1. Accountability:  Approval from SSSD does not exempt the Developer from requirements of any other governmental regulatory agency.  Any and all permits and submittals required by other agencies are the responsibility of the Developer.  SSSD will not accept responsibility for any requirements not addressed.


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